Urbanista integrates Powerfoyle tech with solar-powered headphones

The subject of solar-powered tech rouses a bit of deserved skepticism among consumers. At the end of the day, I suspect most folks would love more sustainable gadgets they never have to charge, but on the whole, the actual technology rarely — if ever — lives up to expectation.

Next week at CES, Exeger is hoping to address some of the ongoing doubt around consumer solar. The Swedish startup is announcing a number of partnerships that bring its Powerfoyle flexible solar cell tech to various products.

Among the first to partner up is headphone maker Urbanista. Ahead of the big event in Vegas, the company has announced a pair of headphones fueled by Powerfoyle tech. There’s the over-ear Urbanista Los Angeles, which the company promises will deliver “virtually infinite playtime,” and the latest version of its Phoenix earbuds.

Image Credits: Urbanista

The Los Angeles have an actual rated playback time of 60 hours — an impressive figure by any measure that may or may not fit your current definition of “virtually infinite.” The Powerfoyle cell is integrated directly into the headphones’ band, allowing the system to charge indoors and out while playing. When the battery does run out, of course, they can be charged via USB-C.

This is the second-generation Los Angeles product, following a pair released in 2021 that was among the first products on the market to integrate Exeger tech.

The headphones are made from recycled plastic, have built-in on-ear detection and offer adaptive noise canceling and transparency via the on-board mics.

Image Credits: 3M

The Phoenix, meanwhile, have Powerfoyle integrated into their charging case. The buds themselves offer eight hours on a charge — that’s a couple hours more than much of the competition. They’ll get a total of 40 hours when the case is factored in.

This morning, 3M announced its own Exeger partnership. The company’s new Peltor brand headset also features a Powerfoyle cell built into its headband.

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